Insurance Claims Adjustment Reference Services

Flooding, Mold, Storms, Fires, these and other unforeseen things happen, but that is why you have insurance. So why pay for repairs out of your own pocket when you have been paying those premiums for so many years?

Mold_10windowOur years of doing business in Florida have taught us that people donít know their rights when it comes to their own property insurance. AA Masters Mechanical has years of experience working with Insurance Claims Adjusters, dealing with††claims for water damage, plumbing, lightning, HVAC or structural damage. Donít pay for something that your insurance covers! Let recommend an adjuster to process your claims for you. Many people are fooled into thinking that their insurance premiums will go up for filing an honest claim. Donít fall into that trap. We are here to help you. When you find damage to your property of any kind, call us and we will guide you through the process. Let AA Masters Mechanical handle everything from your initial call, to finding you the right adjuster, to completing the actual repairs you need.

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