HVAC Design, Installation and Maintenance

Our experienced engineers know that an HVAC design is only as good as its execution. This is specially true and matters most here is sunny South Florida. Neglect, poorly-chosenCommercial AC2 replacements parts, and a misunderstanding of the systems can undo all the improvements of good HVAC design. If its a residential or a commercial location, top-quality operations and maintenance practices such as regularly scheduled tech visits and repairs can improve the system's energy performance by 20% while also improving occupant comfort.

A quality designed and implemented system should continue providing thermal comfort at the energy use specified in the HVAC design for the home of building. Our techs can systematically perform these audits for you, and as technology improves, we will offer advice on upgrades to further improve and exceed the original design specs.

Operations Manuals for you, or us.
Good design process can help ensure good operations and maintenance routines. Our HVAC designer will create a manual for you or your operations staff that makes the HVAC design clear, lists maintenance and replacement schedules, and makes it clear what parameters should be measured during testing, as well as how often such measurements should be done. Or if you don't want the hassle of doing it your self or you just simply dont want to hire staff, you can let AA Masters Mechanical handle the maintenance for you. Who better to maintain it than the person who designed it?


Maintenance Schedules

Any HVAC designer will tell you that an critical part of the operations manual is schedules for cleaning ducts, filters, and other components, replacing filters, and measuring energy use and comfort. We recommend that performance measurements be done monthly or at least quarterly, to provide operators with enough data to tell when system is beginning to perform poorly. Many of the automation systems we implement, can provide hourly data on temperature, humidity, and energy use. This is important for the overall care of your system.

Something for you to consider...

HVAC control systems are often run by programmable thermostats that schedule heating and cooling for different times of day and days of the week. Such schedules should be set to match the occupancy and activity schedules of different spaces. These schedules change over the years as building use changes, and controls schedules should change to match.

Sensors for HVAC controls, such as temperature and humidity sensors, or occupancy sensors, should be regularly checked for proper operation. Sensors that start shutting off or turning on heating or cooling at the wrong times make people too hot or too cold, and can waste energy.

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